Update - 0.3.0


  • Add nanogames:
    • Gadget Inspection
    • Gem Enchantment
    • Papercuts
  • Add visual reference to the number of nanogames needed to be selected to start playing.
  • Show tooltips to cutoff labels on nanogame buttons in the selection screen.
  • Make possible to access the “community_nanogames” directory via the choose/random screens.


  • Heavily improve the joypad experience when navigating the interface. With a visual indicator of the current UI element focused, better navigation from one element to another, and the possibility to change tabs which the shoulder buttons.
  • Nanogames:
    • Anagogic Clock: Change the ambiance sound effect to piano music.
    • Ballkeep: Make paddle rotation be from the top one’s perspective, and the bottom paddle be the one to disappear in difficulty 3.
  • Reposition the “Randomize” button and enable its text clearing functionality in the random selection screen.
  • Make touch buttons in nanogame HUD update immediately on joypad (dis)connection and toggle of showing them by force.
  • Make language names be shown in their respective languages in the settings dialog.


  • Fix volume sliders looking unthemed when focused.
  • Nanogames:
    • Anagogic Clock: Fix hands listening to any input other than the left mouse button on the desktop.
  • Fix difficulty up message appearing on nanogame transition while it’s already maxed.
  • Fix contents of the random selection screen overflowing on the minimal window width.


Android 29 MB
Aug 15, 2020
GNU+Linux / *BSD - 64 Bits 58 MB
Aug 15, 2020
GNU+Linux / *BSD - 32 Bits 55 MB
Aug 15, 2020
macOS 32 MB
Aug 15, 2020
Windows - 64 Bits 53 MB
Aug 15, 2020
Windows - 32 Bits 54 MB
Aug 15, 2020

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