Libre (from French, meaning free); rama (part of fliperama, from Portuguese, meaning arcade)

Librerama is a free/libre arcade compilation of very small, fast-paced mini-games (nicknamed "nanogames"), with the main objective being to rack up the highest score possible by winning the most nanogames you can before getting a game over, while they progressively increase in both speed and difficulty.

While the game itself comes with its own collection of nanogames, custom ones can also be played. A guide for creating community nanogames can be found here.

This game is a work-in-progress! Which means that a lot of things are missing, and what is present can change at any moment.


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Android 49 MB
GNU+Linux / *BSD - 64 Bits 42 MB
GNU+Linux / *BSD - 32 Bits 42 MB
macOS 54 MB
Windows - 64 Bits 40 MB
Windows - 32 Bits 40 MB
Godot Resource Pack (PCK) 29 MB
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