Update - 0.5.0


  • Add joypad support for nanogames with the input type “Screen” (now called “Drag and Drop”), making the game fully playable through a controller!
  • Add nanogames:
    • Digital Warp
    • Garden Thyme
    • Gravity Shift
    • Hop for Love
  • Add current nanogame summary to the pause screen.
  • Add some eye candy to the arcade menu.


  • Rename the “Screen” input type for nanogames to “Drag and Drop”.
  • Keep pause button visible during nanogame intermissions.
  • Nanogames:
    • Countin’ Candy: Slightly decrease max possible quantity of candy.
    • Gadget Inspection: Tone down target area size decrease on later difficulty levels.
    • Punchbag Wallop: Make difficulty 1 punching bag swing away after 3 hits and decrease punches needed from 12 to 9, to better exemplify how later difficulty levels work. Also increase hits needed from 5 to 6 for the difficulty 3 bag.
    • Thing Factory: Change some visuals to better indicate the objective.
  • Allow wrapping around when switching tabs with the joypad triggers.


  • Fix weird resolution in nanogames while in windowed mode if the window size is never changed.
  • Fix crash when using the joypad triggers while changing the controls in the settings dialog.
  • Fix nanogame buttons in the selection screen not being reorganized on language change.


Android 42 MB
Nov 20, 2021
GNU+Linux / *BSD - 64 Bits 37 MB
Nov 20, 2021
GNU+Linux / *BSD - 32 Bits 36 MB
Nov 20, 2021
macOS 49 MB
Nov 20, 2021
Windows - 64 Bits 36 MB
Nov 20, 2021
Windows - 32 Bits 35 MB
Nov 20, 2021

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